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January, 2013

Rested and Restored

img89As a successful businessman, Anatoly had a lot on his plate, and it was damaging his health. However, he declined his friend’s invitation to attend a lifestyle session at Our Home Lifestyle Center & School, an OCI ministry in Ukraine.

Yet Anatoly’s health continued to decline. A bacterial infection destroyed his heart valve, and he was forced to have surgery. After the surgery, his friend convinced him to go to Our Home for physical rehabilitation.

When Anatoly arrived, he could barely get out of the car or walk. But he felt reassured of recovery after his physician began the session with prayer. After eight days at Our Home, Anatoly was walking more than 6 miles each day and feeling much better. He was also enthusiastic about his newfound passion, the Bible.

img65-2On arriving home, Anatoly’s family was ecstatic over his restored health and supportive of his desire to become a vegetarian. The surgeons at his expensive private clinic in Kiev, Ukraine, were shocked at his rapid transformation, but tests confirmed that he was healthy on the inside, too. Patients who had undergone comparable procedures were still in similar conditions as when they had come out of surgery; Anatoly, however, was healthy and happy.

Anatoly is passionate about the work Our Home does and suggested that the ministry hold lifestyle sessions at a government resort near the capital city of Kiev. Meanwhile, Anatoly continues to bring his friends and business partners to Our Home as guests. He still has an interest in the Bible, too.

During the past 11 years, Our Home has helped 11,000 guests through its lifestyle center; like Anatoly, more than half were not Seventhday Adventist. The ministry hopes to construct an additional treatment facility to enhance guests’ experience. The team asks for your prayers and support as they move forward with the building plans.

Desperate for Answers

Aimee Apigian’s heart swelled with love for her recently adopted 4-year-old son, Miguel. But her dreams of a happy home rapidly became a hopeless nightmare. Despite his tender age, Miguel was anything but gentle; he flew into rages with super-human strength, kicked, hit, bit, and attacked Aimee with knives. He broke windows and furniture, ran away, lied, stole, and soiled himself.

img112Life had become scary, unpredictable, and overwhelming for Aimee. Desperate for help, she sought an explanation for Miguel’s behavior. A year later, she found a diagnosis: Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD), a condition caused by neglect, abuse, loss, and trauma before the age of 3.

However, when Aimee looked for a residential facility capable of meeting Miguel’s needs, she discovered there were only a few, and most refused to enroll him due to his severe behaviors. Then a church member told her about Miracle Meadows School, an OCI ministry in West Virginia.

Miracle Meadows’ staff members understood Miguel’s condition and were not put off by his behavior. While Aimee had been prepared to enroll him in a secular facility, she was overjoyed to find an organization operated by Seventh-day Adventists.

The ministry currently works with 10 students like Miguel, all under the age of 12, and parents continue to seek enrollment for their children. Miracle Meadows is planning to construct an additional building to accommodate a total of 20 students. Fundraising efforts are under way, and the team requests your prayers and support.



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