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January, 2016

Something Old, Something New

By: Naomi Jackson

Some things never change. East will always be opposite of west. And what goes up must come down. Even at Outpost Centers International some things never change, like our commitment to supporting your great commission by connecting you to mission opportunities around the world. However, in this new year we are going about that in a new way.

God is doing incredible things through willing missionaries and their ministries around the world. We do not want to deny you the blessing of hearing their encouraging testimonies, so each month we will send a mission story right to your inbox. This is our way of introducing you to more than 100 members of our international family.

This year consider doing something that may be new to you. Make OCI and its member ministries a part of your family by adding the global work of OCI to your prayer list. Think about some practical ways you can support your brothers and sisters serving around the world. And watch in awe as the Lord does something new in our lives every day of this new year.

The Broken-Down Blessing

By: Jaime Espinal

“If you want to increase your chances of making it back to Tennessee, do not turn on the air conditioner.” That was not the news we had hoped to hear from the mechanic on that summery day, especially when we were only passing through Tennessee on our way to Mexico. The team at Centro Misionero de Salud (CMS) was awaiting our return, but spending $800 on repairs would be challenging.

After a suspenseful drive to Tennessee, we spent the Sabbath seeing familiar faces and meeting new people. As we conversed with an acquaintance, we shared about our car situation. He immediately suggested we contact Julio, an Adventist mechanic in the area. But before we even met him, the car belt broke, and the compressor pulley locked. Now our van was completely out of commission, and it would have to be towed. To top it off, I locked the keys in the car.

As I prayerfully wondered what God had in store, an older gentleman with a cigarette in his mouth pulled up and offered to help; his name was Paul. Then the tow truck arrived, and I had a captivated audience as I related my predicament. My hope was in the spare key my wife always kept in her purse, so I jumped in Paul’s car to pick it up.

When I returned to the smoke-filled car empty-handed, I explained that my wife had taken the spare key out of her purse, likely for the first time in years, and had left it in the car. Bursting into laughter, Paul replied, “I am sorry, but your day could not get any worse.” He was right about that. Instead of mulling over my hardships, I shared with him about the work we were doing for God at CMS. Our conversation had moved to health and the plan of salvation by the time we were back at the van. Paul was full of questions, and I was convinced Providence had brought us together.

After the tow truck driver opened the car door, we headed to the repair shop. When we pulled up, Julio welcomed us with a stranger who greeted me by name. “Jaime, I have seen you on 3ABN,” Felipe said. “Each morning I ask God to show me who I can bless today.” Turning to Julio, he exclaimed, “I am going to pay for all of the repairs, so please check thoroughly to see if anything else needs to be fixed.”

I was astonished. God used a run-down car for me to minister to Paul while setting the stage for me to be the recipient of Felipe’s generosity. Not only do “all things work together for good to those who love God,” but those blessings have a way of overflowing to others (Romans 8:28).

Jaime Espinal serves as director of Centro Misionero de Salud, which recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. 


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