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October, 2012

Musical Miracle

Chris and Sandy gave up a life of motorcycle racing and thrill seeking to surrender themselves to Christ and share His love with others. They sometimes struggled financially but trusted that He would care for their needs.

When Chris traded his last motorcycle for a much-needed, used Volkswagen Jetta, Sandy was skeptical. Within the first two weeks, it broke down three times. As the repair bills piled up, they were frustrated but felt there must be a reason why God kept bringing them back to the shop. During a final visit, the couple gave the shop owner, Bernd, a copy of the Steps to Christ DVD produced by Fountainview Academy, an OCI ministry in Canada.

When Bernd told Sandy the cost of the repairs, she didn’t know how they would pay them, but began to pray. The next morning a man walked into Bernd’s shop and asked to pay the bill for Chris and Sandy’s car. Bernd called Sandy to tell her the bizarre yet exciting new. Sandy almost dropped the phone. Tears filled her eyes. God had answered her prayer.

After their conversation, Bernd reflected on the couple’s faith and the miracle that had just occurred. He remembered the DVD that Chris and Sandy had given him and watched it with his wife; they were captivated by the music and testimonies of the Fountainvi
ew students. The next evening Bernd invited his father-in-law to watch it, too.

be545ca60ce0412c9c5f71df1494fffa-img701Fountainview Academy students have also participated in several similar projects. They are currently working on filming God So Loved Fountainview Academy students use their musical talents to share Christ’s love with audiences around the world. the World, a DVD designed to share the fundamental doctrines of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Next summer Fountainview students will travel to Europe to film The Great Controversy. Working with Pastors Mark Finley and John Bradshaw, it will be the ministry’s biggest production to date. Its other productions build toward the climax of The Great Controversy, and the team hopes that this set of evangelistic tools will compel viewers to make decisions for truth.

Stretching Spiritual Muscles

Two days before David planned to be baptized, he had a stroke. Shortly afterward, he and his wife, Svetlana, left their home in Israel and returned to Svetlana’s home country of Moldova. There she heard about a local OCI ministry, Center of Health & Preventive Medicine, and asked for help.

img101Each day a graduate from the ministry’s medical missionary training program visited David and Svetlana in their village. The student gave David therapeutic treatments and reminded him of God’s unfailing love. David’s health soon improved, but his spiritual muscles still needed stretching.

The couple spent every Sabbath at the ministry, and during a communion celebration, David’s heart melted, and he broke down crying. It was his first time taking part in communion, and he shared that it helped him to finally understand the greatness of Jesus’ love and sacrifice.

David wasn’t the only one to experience a breakthrough. A few months before returning to Moldova, Svetlana had begged God to bring revival to her life. She felt empty. Her prayers were answered when she participated in the ministry’s “Feast of Tabernacles” camp.

With their renewed passion for sharing Jesus, David and Svetlana returned to Israel, where they plan to be missionaries among their relatives and friends.

The Center of Health & Preventive Medicine is working to finish its lifestyle center. As the staff members look forward to more opportunities for sharing the Good News with people like David and Svetlana, they ask for your continued prayer and support. Their goal is to open the center before the end of the year.


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