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October, 2012

A Heart Change

When Robert signed up for the diabetes reversal program at Oak Haven, an OCI ministry in Michigan, the staff was worried. It wasn’t Robert’s first time as a participant in the health classes; he had a history of contradicting and cornering the presenters after meetings. The team wondered if he was genuinely interested or planning to cause a disruption.

img111-1Accompanied by his wife, Mary Jo, Robert faithfully attended the sessions. As they progressed, he became uncharacteristically quiet, and Mary Jo began sharing how their health was improving. Robert said he was struggling to accept the new information, but after losing almost 60 pounds, he admitted that he was seeing results. His blood pressure came down, and he was sleeping better. His doctor reduced—and eventually eliminated—his medications. Robert had been on a waiting list for a heart but it was determined that it was no longer necessary. In fact, Robert’s cardiologist was so amazed with Robert’s improvements that he left his cardiology practice to pursue preventive medicine!

In addition to better health, Robert also found spiritual healing. Last year he and Mary Jo attended a series of evangelistic meetings at Oak Haven and were baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Robert and Mary Jo are now active members in their church. Several other people were also baptized as a result of the meetings.

Whether through cooking schools, health seminars, or evangelistic meetings, Oak Haven’s ministry has blessed many people. The team continues to promote healthy living and a closer connection with the Creator. Oak Haven asks for your prayers and support as it works toward expanding its health outreach facility.


Friendship Focused

Not all OCI ministries are large; associate members are mission operations run by a family or group of close friends. While small in size, these projects have a big impact in their communities. Loma Linda Campestre, an OCI associate member in Colombia, is finding various ways to closely connect with people of all ages in its region.

img65Loma Linda Campestre is operated by Freddy and Connie Castro. Their objective is to help people achieve and maintain an optimum level of health in their daily lives. One way they do this is by making and selling natural health products in a local health food store. Customers enjoy products such as granola, soy milk, soy yogurt, and tofu. Always eager for additional ways to become involved, Connie was excited when a local kindergarten asked her to teach English classes.

img88In addition to teaching language arts, Connie also works with students on small agricultural projects in the school’s backyard. While growing herbs and vegetables, she teaches about good health. The school emphasizes helping students to develop mentally and spiritually at a young age. Through a variety of programs, students are encouraged to take care of the environment and their communities, use good manners, be obedient, and engage in activities with the elderly.

The team at Loma Linda Campestre makes the most of every opportunity it gets to share its talents and Christ’s love with others. In the future, Freddy and Connie hope to open a lifestyle center, but until then, they will continue being involved in their community in whatever capacity is needed.


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