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February, 2016

Mystery of the Morning

There is a mysterious beauty in the softness of the morning. As the sun breaks through the darkness, and chirping birds interrupt the calm, God seems to send all humanity a gentle reminder to be still.

For those who have committed their lives to His service, whether in the home or overseas, each day is full of potential. God is eagerly looking for those who are willing to be His humble vessels. Yet sometimes we attempt to be used by God without truly being connected to Him. That is when ordinary people accomplish ordinary things for the Kingdom of Heaven. If only these were ordinary times.

In Steps to Christ, Ellen White writes, “Consecrate yourself to God in the morning; make this your very first work.” She continues, “Let your prayer be, ‘Take me, O Lord, as wholly Thine. I lay all my plans at Thy feet. Use me today in Thy service. Abide with me, and let all my work be wrought in Thee’” (p. 70).

Herein lies the secret of ordinary people doing the extraordinary. This is the mystery we may experience every morning.

Witnessing in Step with Angels

As Donna* stepped outside her door for her early morning walk, she raised her eyes heavenward and asked God to let her be a blessing to someone on the journey. The campus in India, where Donna serves as a teacher and the nurse for more than 50 children at Living Springs Overseas Missions, was still quiet at this time of day.

Donna knew that her prayer would be answered; it always was. Each day as she walked, God gave her special experiences with the local villagers, who had come to know and respect her. She thought of the Muslim family that had adopted her as one of their aunties. Another family considered her the grandmother of their little baby. Then there was the 90-year-old woman who she often sang to. God had given her many occasions to make friends and to witness in the community. She had every reason to believe the angels would prepare the way for her.

On this particular day, Donna took a new path and ended up far from the campus. Upon entering a small village, she spotted a dirty, little girl wearing rags, which hung from her frail shoulders. Her matted, black hair was covered with lice. To her horror, she saw that the girl also had a black eye. Frightened, the child cowered as Donna approached.

Suddenly the village dogs began barking, and several neighbors appeared. In broken English, Donna was informed that the girl was 8 years old and had lost her mother when she was 2. She was forced to care for her alcoholic father instead of attending school. Unable to simply walk away, Donna talked with the father about taking the girl to the campus with her for a bath. He angrily refused, leaving Donna to depart for the school alone. Eventually she took some students along who successfully urged the father to give his consent. The little girl returned home clean, lice-free, with a dress to wear, and a doll.

Determined to put her prayers into action, Donna approached a local businessman for help. Together they persuaded the father to send his daughter to a government school.

73ffdc70-c1de-4305-bb54-6f4a6a67d2d01Donna recently visited the little girl and was amazed at her transformation. She recalls, “As soon as she saw me in the distance, she came running up to me and hugged me. I thought she must be a different girl because of her demeanor. She wouldn’t stop holding on to me. This experience has been worth more than winning a million dollars.” Donna was right; her prayer had been answered.

* Full names have been omitted for privacy.

Barbara serves abroad for Living Springs Overseas Missions from her home in Western Europe. To learn more, go to


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