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March, 2013

Surviving The Night

img86-2Aprilla lay in a pool of blood. Fever and infection ravaged her body. Despite her critical condition, Aprilla’s family had no money to take her to the hospital. Three days earlier, Aprilla had given birth to a stillborn baby. Without proper care, her health rapidly deteriorated.

When midwives from Living Springs Overseas Missions, an OCI ministry in India, heard about the young mother’s plight, they trekked two miles to her home in the middle of the night. Aprilla was delirious and unresponsive on their arrival. The midwives went to work administering an IV, washing away the blood, and massaging her limbs to restore circulation. However, if there was any hope for her survival, Aprilla needed to be hospitalized immediately.

img65-1The nearest hospital was more than two hours away. There wasn’t much time to spare. Travel was difficult on the winding, dangerous road, but the midwives were able to take Aprilla safely to the hospital, and her life was spared.

After regaining some strength, Aprilla was able to return home. For several months, the midwives nursed her back to health. Now she is healthy and able to care for her two children and husband. Aprilla and her family are grateful for the ministry’s help, and they are now working directly with the ministry’s outreach.

Living Springs Overseas Missions established the midwifery clinic in Meghalaya, northeast India, to meet the needs of the Garo people. The team is working to expand the campus to include a Bible seminary, midwifery training school, and orphanage. In addition to the new outpost, the ministry also runs an orphanage and two Bible seminaries in other parts of India.

The ministry is looking for additional skilled volunteers to assist with construction. The team asks for your prayers and support as it moves forward to help make this project a lighthouse in the community

Lighting the Darkness

OCI ministries sponsor many Bible workers. Your prayers and support, combined with their willingness, make it possible for God’s love to reach people around the world.

img103-1“Excuse me, where is the bathroom?” I asked the young girl. She led me down a small path in the jungle village. As we rounded a curve, she stopped in front of a large, fallen tree, slightly protected by overgrown brush. The village bathroom. I’m adjusting, and I praise God for the opportunity to share His love with His children. Please pray for the jungle dwellers and also for me as I seek to make the gospel message tangible to their minds and culture. Thank you for your prayers and financial support.

-Ana Paula


img128I work as a church planter with Congo Frontline Missions, an OCI ministry in Democratic Republic of Congo. I have been working in Batiakanga, a village about 7 miles from Kisangani, since March 2012. God brought me here with my wife and four children, and He has blessed our efforts. When I arrived there were no believers, and now our group has 42 people. I’d like to thank the donors for their support. They have provided us with a nice church as well as taken care of the needs of my family. May God bless you immensely.




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