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May, 2013

More Than Conquerors

img78Claudine* was angry with God. When her daughter committed suicide, she began to struggle spiritually. She felt as if she were in a dark tunnel without light or air.

One day she discovered Better Living Ministry (Mieux Vivre), an OCI member in Quebec, Canada, which produces radio and television programs in French. As Claudine listened to the programs, she found comfort and hope. Over time she reconciled her anger with God and put away her feelings of resentment, and the darkness dissipated.

As her spiritual walk grew, Claudine started attending church. The ministry praises God for using its programming to touch Claudine’s heart at a very critical time in her life and to help her find her way back to Him.

img81Claudine is not the only French Canadian who has struggled with depression. According to the Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention,
suicide is one of the 10 leading causes of death in Canada. While Better Living has produced a number of programs on health and spiritual topics, the team saw the need for one on depression recovery.

Better Living is currently producing a documentary-style video series based on Dr. Neil Nedley’s seminars. However, it is the first time that the material will be translated and presented in French. The project is a big undertaking for the ministry’s small team and requires countless hours of planning, translation, and recording. Better Living is grateful for your prayers and support as the ministry helps people overcome various challenges and become more than conquerors through Jesus.

*Name changed to protect her privacy

Equipping the Eager

img97The Education Assistance Program (EAP) helped to pay my expenses for the one-year lifestyle counselor program at Uchee Pines Institute, an OCI ministry in Alabama. This enabled me to gain valuable experience in taking care of others and guiding them to follow a healthier lifestyle. I gained more confidence in working with people in a lifestyle-center setting. After I graduated from the lifestyle counselor course, I worked in Ukraine and Romania. One day I would like to start a family lifestyle center in Moldova, but I am currently seeking God’s guidance for where to serve next. I believe that people who support the EAP do God’s work by helping young people who are longing to do mission work gain necessary skills, experience, and a vision to enter the ranks of God’s efficient servants.

–Olga Meshkoy

img113I believe God used the EAP to prepare me for a higher calling in His work. I am studying healthcare administration at Southern Adventist University. The EAP fund has made it possible for me to expand my knowledge in this field in order to better serve in my role as the business office manager at Wildwood Lifestyle Center & Hospital, an OCI ministry in Georgia. Qualified professionals are not always drawn to working at supporting ministries, which makes it especially important for staff members to further their education when possible. Your donations to the EAP fund enable people like myself to develop their talents to use in serving others.

–Andre Jubea


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