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July, 2013

Parting in Peace

img86Alfred* pulled up to the lifestyle center in his blue Mercedes. A retired industrialist, he could afford every comfort money could buy. However, he was battling an aggressive form of lung cancer and was searching for something priceless: healing.

Adamant about not undergoing chemotherapy after losing his wife to cancer, he was interested in natural healing. Alfred’s private chef recommended Country Life Institute, an OCI ministry in Austria. She had spent four days there and was so impressed with the ministry that she thought he should go.

While at Country Life, Alfred began studying the Bible and opened his heart to Jesus for the first time. When he went home, he told his friends about what he had learned; he wanted to follow the Seventh-day Adventist lifestyle.

img74Despite the help and encouragement he received at the ministry, Alfred’s cancer was already very advanced, and a few weeks later his body succumbed to the disease. The night before he died, a physician from the ministry was at his bedside to pray with him. Even though he hadn’t been miraculously healed, God had worked a great miracle in Alfred’s heart. He was no longer confused and defeated but joyful and at peace.

Guests at Country Life gain physical relief, peace, and joy, even when they do not experience a full recovery. However, many people have found healing at the ministry. The team is grateful for God’s blessings and the way that He continues to expand its outreach.

*Name changed to protect his privacy

Transmitting Truth

img102People’s eyes light up when I tell them what I do. As the radio operator at Cross to Crown International, an OCI ministry in Nicaragua, I am responsible for broadcasting messages of hope to remote jungle villages. One of the most satisfying things about working at Cross to Crown is the realization that my work inside the walls of the radio station is blessing many people within a 100-mile radius.

img119Working at a radio station has its challenges; I can’t always see the results of my labor. But I am encouraged by the knowledge that each day someone may find salvation through a sermon we broadcast or be introduced to an important Bible truth.

During my time in Nicaragua, God has pushed me outside of my comfort zone. One Sabbath right before church started, an elder asked me if I would preach the sermon. I hadn’t prepared anything, but I felt God impressing me to accept. I prayed that my words and the message would not be my own.

As I began to preach, God worked through me, bringing applicable illustrations and Bible verses to my mind. When I left church that morning, I knew with absolute certainty that the Lord had used me.



and his sister, Victoria, recently spent a year volunteering at Cross to Crown International, an OCI ministry in Nicaragua.


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