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August, 2012

Love Conquers All

After buying a new piece of farmland, Bedson Chipipa and his wife felt impressed to do something special for their community. Bedson’s wife and another church deaconess invited about 60 needy children and orphans from the village to a nice meal.

On an important national holiday, the children arrived early, excited for the food. However, before sitting down to eat, everyone gathered to listen to Bible stories and to sing songs and give thanks. Many of the children were so grateful that they clambered onto the helpers’ laps. After the celebration ended, the children returned home singing songs and reciting Bible verses they had learned.

982c186042b74e049755853590c6e1ee-img701Two days after the party, as Bedson and his wife worked outside, four women approached to thank them for the meal they had provided their children. Tears streamed down one woman’s face as she spoke. On inquiring what church the couple attended, they remarked that they hadn’t seen similar outreach since they had moved there.

The following Sabbath, two of the women visited Bedson’s church. After the service they expressed their desire connection your to missions worldwide need to join this church because of the love shown to their children. They are currently studying to be baptized.

Riverside Farm Institute, an OCI ministry in Zambia, employs many Bible workers like Bedson in its surrounding communities. Through the medical missionary training they receive, they are able to minister to people around them, which often opens the door for Bible studies. The team asks for your prayers and support as they seek to find sponsors for five more workers.

Seeking Greater Light

982c186042b74e049755853590c6e1ee-img961Faced with a difficult decision, Jeferson struggled to make sense of his future. Just 20 years old, he had recently begun studying engineering, yet he also felt a strong desire to work for God.

After much prayer, Jeferson sought the advice of Wilfredo and Job, two Bible workers sponsored by Peru Projects, an OCI ministry in Peru. Despite the challenges he knew he would face, Jeferson decided to postpone his studies. He asked to accompany Wilfredo and Job on their visits, even though they had nothing to offer him by way of support, as they gave Bible studies and started work in nearby villages.

With their guidance, Jeferson became part of a small group of lay church members in the village of Nuevo Paraiso. While he regularly attended church before, Jeferson had never been directly involved in evangelism. Along with additional groups, Jeferson began witnessing in his community, as well as in the nearby town of Compirushari.

982c186042b74e049755853590c6e1ee-img1111As part of its evangelistic efforts, Peru Projects sponsors Bible workers serving in eight missionary districts spread across more than 200,000 square miles of jungle. In each village, the Bible workers help to organize church members into small groups. They meet twice a week to study the Bible and to fellowship together with friends, family, and community members. Without electricity the people must gather around candles, as they seek a Greater Light. The principle objective of these groups is to create a community that takes interest in people, that shares Christ with those who don’t know Him, and inspires spiritual growth.

Several new districts are in the planning stages, and Peru Projects seeks additional dedicated volunteers. Your prayers and support will help Bible workers and volunteers like Jeferson to expand the work into areas where there is no Adventist presence.


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