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September, 2012

Overcoming Obstacles

Lina Caballero is not a typical 25-year-old. Deaf since birth, she relied on God and her parents to help her maneuver life. Throughout Lina’s childhood, she faced challenges that shaped and tested her character; however, she worked hard to overcome them, trusting that the trials were a part of God’s perfect plan for her future.

e4145e78315542318c39497a5bac3bee-img841Despite her disability, Lina was determined to get an education. She became one of the first graduates from a deaf class at a district high school in Bogotá, Colombia, with special training in computer systems. But the joy of her accomplishment was overshadowed by the news that her father, Gonzalo, had prostate cancer.

While the doctors offered Gonzalo a “cure” for his cancer, he searched for alternative ways to treat it that would offer him better quality of life. He ended up at Vida Sana Redension, connection your to missions worldwide an OCI ministry less than two hours outside of Bogotá. His condition improved, and he experienced a healing of body, mind, and spirit. When Lina came to visit, she fell in love with the ministry’s program and felt a deep desire to enroll as a medical missionary student.

e4145e78315542318c39497a5bac3bee-img651A year later, Lina is the first deaf person in Colombia to complete the program. At the end of September, Lina plans to work with the ministry to hold the region’s first health evangelistic campaign aimed at reaching the deaf community. It is their prayer that the first Seventh-day Adventist deaf church in Colombia will be started there.

The ministry asks for your prayers and support as they continue to remodel the campus, including the construction of a lifestyle center and classrooms for the ministry’s school.

A New Outlook

e4145e78315542318c39497a5bac3bee-img1111Before I came to Matteson Mission School in Norway, I told God what I wanted to do with my life rather than seeking His will for it. During the school year, I took classes that played a big role in changing my way of thinking about family, relationships, being a missionary, and understanding God’s plans. I learned to completely surrender my dreams and goals Him.

e4145e78315542318c39497a5bac3bee-img1341My year of mission training ended, but I am still learning to surrender all to Christ and to fully trust in Him and to go wherever He calls me. The experiences I had at Matteson gave me a wonderful example of what a Christian home should be like, which includes understanding the importance of having worship as a family and learning from God, each other, and our own mistakes. I experienced mission work through colporteuring, cooking courses, going door-to-door passing out literature, and visiting church members and older people in their homes. Matteson helped me to understand what it means to be a missionary for life; the experience changed my life.


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