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September, 2013

Cemented Beliefs

6964c4e3cb00486b842ff18dc44eed1a-img751Francis had not expected to question his beliefs. However, as he poured cement flooring, new ideas raced through his mind.

Francis Nyabuto came to the LIGHT* project in Kenya to do some maintenance work. But it was not his first encounter with Seventh-day Adventists. His wife, Nyaboke, was formerly an Adventist but converted to Catholicism when they married.

While at the ministry, Francis began asking doctrinal questions about baptism, prayer, and the Sabbath. The team members studied the Bible with him, helping him find the answers he was seeking.

After some study, Francis accepted Jesus as his personal Savior and concluded that the Sabbath is the true day of worship. He attended church with the ministry team and expressed a desire for his family to attend as well. The team continues to study the Bible with Francis and prays that he and his family will be baptized.

LIGHT has conducted medical missionary training courses in Kenya since 2001. Recently God provided a piece of land for a permanent medical missionary school. The ministry is connection your to missions worldwide in the process of building five One-Day Church frames, which were sent from Kibidula Farm Institute, an OCI ministry in Tanzania. In order to prevent termite damage, the walls will be constructed with bricks rather than local materials such as dirt and wood.

Please remember LIGHT’s Kenyan project in your prayers. There are currently 10 students taking the medical missionary training course. The team hopes that God will continue to use these trained lay people to share His love with more people like Francis.

*LIGHT, also known as the Lay Institute for Global Health Training, works with churches and conferences worldwide.

Promising Possibilities

6964c4e3cb00486b842ff18dc44eed1a-img901My dream has always been to open a lifestyle center in my country; education made it possible. I studied physical therapy at the Latvian Academy of Sport Education. Now I am the only physical therapist in a rural area of Latvia. This August my family and I opened a lifestyle center in our home. I also teach adult remedial gymnastics classes and volunteer with the local church’s Pathfinder Club. As a father of five children, I wouldn’t have been able to obtain a degree without the help of the Educational Assistance Program.


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