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September, 2016

Worth the Wait

By: Naomi Jackson

Life is a waiting game. We wait to begin kindergarten, wait to finish school, and wait in lines. We wait for the bad news and the good. But does anyone find joy in waiting?

b0a6e793-e36d-4483-871c-f5da73fe7982For such a small office, the OCI staff has racked up innumerable hours waiting at baggage claims around the world since its inception in 1983. Hopefully most of those hours were filled with positive thoughts. But according to a New York Times article, a Houston-based airport grew weary of receiving passenger complaints due to long wait times at baggage claims. Shortening the wait didn’t fully solve the problem. Lengthening the journey from the gate to the baggage claim did. I suppose that’s a modern application of one benefit to wandering in the wilderness—learn to stop murmuring to truly relish in the Promised Land.

Waiting may not be humanity’s favorite pastime, but we have no justifiable reason to whine. God has waited light-years longer than we have. He waits for us to more earnestly seek His face, and we wait for Him to move mountains. He waits for another prodigal son or daughter to return home, and we wait for the Son to take us home. We are worth His wait; He is well worth ours. “My soul, wait silently for God alone, for my expectation is from Him. He only is my rock and my salvation,” (Psalm 62:5, 6b). So if you, like me, are tempted to grumble while the clock ticks, learn to wait gracefully. Hum a sacred tune instead.

Stepping Forward in Faith

By: Jana Roderte

The countryside of Latvia has been our home for more than a decade. There our dream of establishing For Your Heart, 7c03479f-a4e3-4fdf-bc05-6d55affb264ea lifestyle center where the weary can find a place of rest, became a reality. The setting provided the perfect backdrop for our own version of Moses’s wilderness experience in character development and knowing God on a deeper level. And our children were privileged to grow up in nature.

But in the spring of this year, our family had a strong impression that we should relocate to Riga, the capital city, to open a center of influence. We received several indications that the time was right. In one instance, a stranger called my husband and requested for he and his family to live in our apartment for the summer. Finding people desiring to move to the country is rare, so we saw this as God’s miracle. We packed our belongings and moved to the lifestyle center for the summer.

6ad9c1ae-d205-4931-82a5-8fa772dcf0d8I began worrying about our move as the end of June approached. September marks the beginning of a new school year, so we needed clarity about where to live and where the children would attend school. Nervously, I searched for houses and apartments around Riga. But that morning I received a message from God’s Word: “For you shall not go out with haste, nor go by flight; for the LORD will go before you, and the God of Israel will be your rear guard” (Isaiah 52:12 NKJV). Again, I put everything in God’s hands.

c0be1f0d-4b23-479d-884c-5b6f25b178a6A week later God led us to a house near Riga that was everything we could have imagined in our future house. We attempted to purchase it; however, banks could not give us credit because of our low income. But we have faith. If God has selected that house for us for a special purpose, He’ll find a way to give it to us. In the meantime, we remain open to God leading us to wherever He knows is best.

Every time my children have asked where we will live and where they will attend school, I have felt like Abraham walking with Isaac to Moriah. “God will provide,” I reply. Every day is like a brave step forward in faith. We strongly believe that God wants us to move and will help us minister through the center of influence, so it is a step worth taking. His promises are true; He will provide exactly what we need at the right time.

Jana serves at For Your Heart, coordinates her country's medical missionary training for LIGHT (Lay Institute for Global Health Training), and translates Sabbath School materials into Latvian. Her daily ministry is raising six boys. 


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