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June, 2012

Desperation Turns to Elation

Silvina was desperate. Terrified at the prospect of spending another week vomiting and being nauseous, she called VitaSalus, an OCI ministry in Portugal.

img86It was a month after her surgery for colon cancer, and she had developed an abdominal abscess. Her doctor prescribed strong antibiotics to control and treat the infection, but the medicine gave her miserable side effects. She stopped eating. In desperation, she contacted VitaSalus. The staff doctor explained that the lifestyle center was not ready to accept guests; however, there were staff rooms available and they would be willing to work with her.

img70-1When Silvina arrived at VitaSalus, she was weak and could hardly get out of bed. An ultrasound confirmed that the golf ball-sized abscess in her abdomen was still there, but she was stable and fever free. At VitaSalus she received intensive hydrotherapy treatments. The team monitored her progress and watched for signs of infection, and she began to improve. Soon she was strong enough to walk in the garden.

Two weeks later the abscess had almost disappeared. A good diet, plenty of sunshine, and much prayer helped Silvina regain her health. When she went home, her doctor was surprised at how quickly she had recovered. As a sign of gratitude, Silvina’s family donated money to be used toward building a bedroom for future guests.

While the lifestyle center is still not finished, plans were drawn to rebuild a new wing with seven bedrooms to accommodate more guests like Silvina. The first bedroom is being constructed with the donation from Silvina’s family. The ministry asks for your prayers and support to obtain the remaining funds needed to finish the lifestyle center.

Lifting Them Up

As with many people living in Japan, Aiko* suffered from depression and insomnia. Some friends recommended that she contact Mount Akagi Institute to try to help improve her health the natural way.

img115Aiko’s week at the ministry passed quickly. In addition to exercise, simple relaxation treatments, and a healthy diet, the team encouraged Aiko to trust in God rather than to worry. By the end of the week, she was sleeping a little better but still struggling with anxiety. However, after she left, she was able to stop taking medication and has since visited the ministry a few times with her husband, and the staff regularly contact her to provide encouragement.

Currently the ministry’s main focus is the bakery. Its products are popular in many local stores, which helps to create witnessing opportunities among the general public. While the ministry’s lifestyle center is not open year round, the small team continues to make and maintain connections with people like Aiko, and the team hopes to open it again in the future.

*Name changed for privacy.



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