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March, 2017


By: Naomi Jackson

A little boy found a spot on a grassy knoll near the Sea of Galilee. He was surrounded by countless bodies pressing against each other, everyone listening intently to the words of Jesus.Had he not been so enthralled by the message filling his ears, he might have heard the rumbling of his own tummy. And he had come prepared for a humble feast of barley loaves and two fish. He could’ve been snacking all along as the sun made its way from east to west. But providentially he hadn’t; the great Teacher was searching for food.

Feeding-the-Multitudes-small.pngOnce the multitudes had made themselves comfortable in the grass, Jesus blessed the food and gave it to the disciples to distribute. The lad recognized what was on the menu: his mother’s delicious barley loaves and fish, but somehow, they tasted more heavenly than usual. He and all those around him ate their fill and were encouraged to take leftovers once the fragments had been gathered. “The people thought of their friends at home. They wanted them to share in the bread that Christ had blessed. …So those who were at the feast were to give to others the bread that comes down from heaven, to satisfy the hunger of the soul. They were to repeat what they had learned of the wonderful things of God” (The Desire of Ages, p. 368).

Wide-eyed and with a satchel full of food, the boy reflected on the miracle as he made his way home. He had played a small role in something grand and had good news to share.

God never intended His abundant gifts to go to waste. Jesus could’ve asked a blessing for just enough food to satiate the hunger of the thousands present, but He didn’t. There were leftovers.

We who have feasted on the Bread of Life are always given enough to share. What are you doing with your leftovers?

Baby on Board

By: Ellen Lopez

We were in the middle of worship when Pastor Eben Espinosa, director of Peru Projects, received an urgent phone call. Worship would have to be cut short; it was time to fly. As our team prepared to leave, Eben, who is also a pilot, checked every detail of the plane. Once we received authorization from air traffic control, we were airborne.

Renegade-small.jpgFor 40 minutes, we flew over the Ucayali River, eager to attend to the emergency—a 15-year-old woman soon to enter active labor. As we neared the community, our eyes scanned the river for the boat transporting the expectant mother to the plane, but our search was in vain. There was, however, a red cloth signaling where to land in the water.

Our plane was welcomed by inquisitive eyes, as if they villagers had never seen anything like this before. We inquired about the pregnant girl, but nobody gave us any information. We anxiously called the doctor and discovered they were still on their way. As time passed, we took advantage of the opportunity to become acquainted with the members of the community.

Flying-High-1-small.jpgAfter waiting more than a half hour, the boat finally arrived, and we transferred the young woman, her mother, and the doctor into the airplane. Soon were on our way to Camucada, where an ambulance was waiting. The mother finally arrived to a safe place for her baby's delivery.

Without a plane, our team wouldn’t have been able to help this young mother. But with the blessing of the Lord, one more life was impacted by the love and mercy of God. We continue praying for the people dwelling in Peru’s jungles and hope we’ll all be together on that flight to our celestial home.

Ellen is responsible for communication and media at Peru Projects.


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