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Bunk Beds

$2,500 • Kingsway Preparatory School

Contributed toward the purchase of 25 bunk beds for Kingsway Preparatory School.


Gardening Project

$3,500 • Kingsway Preparatory School

Support Kingsway Preparatory School's gardening project.


Hot Water System

$4,750 • Kingsway Preparatory School

Help purchase a hot water heater for Kingsway Preparatory School.


School Information Management System

$700 • Kingsway Preparatory School

Help provide a school information management system for Kingsway Preparatory School.


School Supplies

$5,000 • Only Seven Ministries

The only way Only Seven Ministries can break the cycle of poverty in the garbage dumps of the Philippines is to help children stay in school. The children in the dump often work among the heaps of trash digging for recyclables to sell so they may buy food and school supplies. Only Seven Ministries' programs make sure they get their school supplies and uniforms. The team currently has two villages filled with nearly 150 children.  Buying school supplies in the Philippines is easy and cost effective. $5,000 supplies 150 children with school supplies for at least one year. The most attractive aspect of this educational support program is that Only Seven Ministries requires all children to attend the Vacation Bible School each Sabbath. This ensures they will be learning about Jesus, which is the purpose behind what Only Seven Ministries does.


Fountainview Academy Staff Children's Scholarship Fund

• Fountainview Academy

Fountainview Academy Staff Children's Scholarship Fund will be used to assist staff children in their pursuit of post-secondary education and/or training.


One Day Churches for the Villages

$1,000 • Riverside Farm Institute

Help build a church in a village. For a limited time only Riverside Farm Institute has a special matching donor who will match donations so you can sponsor a church for $1000. There are currently 100 churches available for sponsorship. You will be provided the geo coordinates and a photo of the church. A church sign with your name will appear as a sponsor.


Medical Mission

$10,000 • Only Seven Ministries

Medical mission work is one of the most important ways Only Seven Ministries makes an impact in the lives of those living in suffering. The squatters living in the garbage dump do not have enough money to pay for medical costs and often lack transportation to the hospital. Although Only Seven promotes health among adults, the team primarily offers medical work to children. The medical program treats minor issues and conditions in the field as well as brings children to the hospital for care. Only Seven covers all medical expenses not funded by the patient's government insurance. In cases of special needs, Only Seven takes children to a private hospital for quality care. The staff always provides food during hospitalizations as the patient rarely has enough income to sustain themselves.


Field Manager

$140 • Only Seven Ministries

A donation of USD$140 provides one month's stipend for Only Seven's field manager. By frugal, healthful, and resourceful living the field manager can stretch every dollar. A commitment of $140.00 USD each month provides us the opportunity to have a dedicated worker on the ground everyday among the people sharing the gospel of Christ through meeting their needs.


Tickets for Mission Trip

• ReachingTenForty

Two round trip tickets for travel from Tennessee, USA, to Asia.