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$6 • Kibidula

Buy a Bible to distribute in local outreach



$8 • Desert Tree Ministry

Help purchase several hundred Bibles for distribution to new church members and for use in small-group Bible studies in frontier villages.


Bobcat and Trailer

$14,000 • Build and Restore International

Bobcat to complete grading projects for building foundation setup and preparation.


Boys' Dorm Renovation

$9,800 • Granheim Foundation – Matteson Mission School

Renovating parts of the boys' dorm to create an apartment inside for long-term staff.


Building Project

$10,000 • ATO Padada Christian School

A minimum of $10,000 is needed to complete the third phase for additional math, science, library, and multipurpose rooms for accreditation.


Building Renovations

$20,000 •

Help renovate and expand a house for staff


Bun Divider

$500 • Peru Projects

Contribute to the kitchen equipment by supply a bun divider


Cafeteria Construction

$30,000 • Harbert Hills Academy

Materials needed for a new cafeteria roof and flooring


Campos Blancos School Construction: Phase 3

$112,000 • VIDA Internacional

Campos Blancos School (CBS) is the bi-lingual elementary school of VIDA Internacional. It began in the year 2011 as a kindergarten with two students. Since then, they have added a new grade every year. Today, classes go from kindergarten to 7th grade with 100 students. VIDA is grateful to God for the school’s growth yet there are several challenges. One of the biggest challenges is the need for sufficient classrooms for each grade to have their own space. The ministry is currently dealing with this problem by 1) having two grades meet in one classroom and 2) dividing a classroom using sheetrock. Though these solutions do seem to allow CBS to function, the team knows this is not ideal. The goal is to build the last phase of the building project, which would connect the two current buildings. This would provide a sufficient number of classrooms for each class to have their own, while also providing the team with an administrative office and an auditorium. The total cost of this last phase has been estimated at $112,000. By God’s grace the staff knows that God will help them raise all the funds necessary in order for the project to be completed and for the school to have sufficient space to continue training young people in Honduras in the fear of the Lord.



$1,000 • Creel Tarahumara Mission

Materials needed to finish construction on a church the ministry is supporting in Nacarare