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Seminar and Material Expenses

• Delighting Ministries

Michael Dant never wants to turn down a seminar request due to lack of funding. May God bless your financial partnership in this ministry!


Completion of Church Construction

$2,600 • Stones Valley Ministries

Help Stones Valley Ministries complete the construction of a church.


ETAM - Jungle School

$50,000 • Amazon Lifesavers Ministry

Now that the construction of Amazon Lifesavers Ministry's jungle school is complete, contribute to purchasing equipment and supporting the volunteer staff.


Water Reservoir

$1,800 • Kingsway Preparatory School

Provide Kingsway Preparatory School with a water reservoir.


New Staff Housing

$115,000 • Granheim Foundation – Matteson Mission School

Increased activity has led to the need of more staff housing at Matteson Mission School. Fortunately, God has provided the ministry with an extra house, where the top floor can be renovated to become staff housing for long-term staff. Norway is an expensive place to renovate, but it is more economical than erecting a new building.


New Roof

$8,000 • Granheim Foundation – Matteson Mission School

By God's grace the house at Matteson Mission School has served the ministry well for the past 25 years. Now it is time to install a new roof to ensure that no water damage occurs in the coming years. If you would like to be part of giving youth a roof over their heads while they are being trained as missionaries, you are welcome to join in!


Guest Bathroom

$49,000 • Granheim Foundation – Matteson Mission School

As Matteson has grown and there is an increase of students, the need for an additional bathroom in the main building has become apparent, especially since there is no bathroom on the first floor where visitors from the community enter. Providing a bathroom on the first floor will be more welcoming to guests.


Boys' Dorm Renovation

$9,800 • Granheim Foundation – Matteson Mission School

Renovating parts of the boys' dorm to create an apartment inside for long-term staff.


Utility Trailer

$900 • Build and Restore International

Utility trailer to transport materials and supplies for smaller local short term mission trip projects.


Painting Equipment

$2,000 • Build and Restore International

Airless paint sprayers and painting equipment for short-term mission trip projects.