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A. G. Hospital & Lifestyle Center

Dr. Enoch Sundaram, a diabetologist, and Dr. Mallika Enoch, a family physician, had developed a well-established practice within just a few years at A. G. Hospital. Then God called them to study into and understand the health message. Before long they recognized their responsibility as Adventist physicians and decided to do medical missionary work according to the blueprint. They took a step of faith and converted their hospital into a lifestyle center.

A. G. Hospital and Lifestyle Center is one of the first of its kind to be established in India. People from different regions in India, as well as from other countries, come to A. G. Hospital for treatment. God’s healing touch has restored many patients to health and wellness. Such cases as cancer, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, autoimmune diseases, and many other diseases have been successfully cured through God’s healing way, which has led many patients to desire Bible studies. Treatments are based on the eight laws of health, simple natural remedies, hydrotherapy, lifestyle modification, and a simple vegetarian diet.

Besides treating patients, A. G. Hospital and Lifestyle Center also runs a medical missionary training institution. Many young people from around the world have come to be trained as medical missionaries. The goal of this program is to enable these youth to return to their homes and establish medical missionary centers where they are, whether it be a small outpost, a home sanitarium, a training program branch, or a lifestyle center. In this way, many more centers can grow throughout India and even reach out to other nearby countries such as Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and Myanmar.

A. G. Hospital is dedicated to following God’s principles in every part of the health ministry work. For the local people, the institution operates a health food store and a healthy drink shop, which, besides increasing the influence of the center, helps teach people about healthy living. Organic farming is another work that is benefiting many, offering to the public a chance to eat healthfully and also giving local farm workers an opportunity to learn a better and a more eco-friendly way of farming. In addition to this, A. G. Hospital regularly educates the public on God’s healing ways, the eight laws of health, and simple natural remedies in various places in India for the general public, schools and colleges, government entities, and in the private sector.


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A. G. Hospital & Lifestyle Center

16, Sannathi St, Krishnancoil
Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu, 629001


Enoch Sundaram: Director
+91 94-4315-1010
Joshua Subash: Managing Director
+91 80-5696-9800
Mr. Gopinath: Chaplain
+91 81-1001-5610


Lifestyle Treatment Program


Kalai Anto: Director
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Institute of Lifestyle Medicine

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Health Food Store

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