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Amazon Lifesavers Ministry

Amazon Lifesavers Ministry has navigated the “highways” of the Amazon River by boat since 2007, continuing the work begun by Leo and Jessie Halliwell in the 1930s. Volunteers travel to remote villages throughout the rainforest, providing much-needed medical and dental care. As health improves among the jungle dwellers, the team is able to build relationships and share the gospel.

The ministry's main headquarters are located just outside the city of Manaus on the bank of the Amazon River. This location is where volunteers undergo initial missionary training. Afterwards, they are sent out two-by-two into the jungle villages.

Currently, more than 200 local and foreign part-time and full-time volunteers make up the Amazon Lifesavers Ministry team. In addition, mission groups often travel to Brazil to aid in medical, dental, construction, or evangelism work. As Amazon Lifesavers Ministry rapidly grows and supports the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, the staff members are motivated to bring the gospel to everyone living along the river they call home.

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  • $250 Bible Worker Stipend
  • $5,000 Dental Equipment
  • $8,000 Luzeiro Project
  • $50,000 Amphibious Airplane
  • $50,000 ETAM - Jungle School



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Amazon Lifesavers Ministry

Caixa Postal N 2206
Manaus, Amazonas, 69080-971
+55 92-4101-1541


Brad Mills: Director
+55 92-9222-1666