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ATO Padada Christian School

Abel and Thecla Oliverio were passionate about Christian education and put their 11 children through Seventh-day Adventist schools. Committed to the wellbeing of their community, they donated a portion of their residential property to build the first Adventist church in Padada, Philippines, in the early 1950s, but their dream was to have a school of their own next to the church one day. This became a reality in June 2004 when ATO Padada Christian School opened its doors to 13 students enrolled in preschool and kindergarten.

The purpose of ATO Padada Christian School is to provide quality Christian education to the children of Padada, Philippines. The staff aims to acquaint its students with the love of Jesus, so that they will become more like Him and share Him with their community and family members.

Today, ATO Padada serves a diverse population of approximately 110 students between kindergarten and sixth grade, none of whom are Adventist. The staff welcomes children of all faiths and ethnic backgrounds to learn about Jesus and the Bible with the assistance of a pastor. In partnership with the local church, students also participate in church services and chapel programs. They are also involved in the Pathfinder and Adventurer Clubs. Through these means the dedicated team is educating lives for eternity.


  • $10,000 Building Project


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