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Biosalute is a family ministry led by Fabio and Anca Penelope Franchetto, and their three homeschooled little helpers—Juny, Joshua, and Jamie Lee. Situated in the beautiful vineyards of the hills of Mussolini’s birthplace, Predappio, in the heart of Italy, Biosalute's main initiative is an online health food store. The wholesale business provides the main source of income for the ministry's mission activities.

In cooperation with local churches and communities, Biosalute organizes various lifestyle changing programs, educational activities, and produces health and educational programs for Hope Channel, the official Italian Seventh-day Adventist broadcasting station. The family also receives health guests for weekly health sessions during the summer months.

The goal at Biosalute is to produce more interesting programs for Hope Channel and the Italian Adventist radio, Voice of Hope. The team has received open doors to impact the whole Italian vegan community, which is growing quickly, by sponsoring famous vegan chefs with their products and connecting with the network of vegan restaurants and pizzerias throughout the country.



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Via Podere Prato 4
Predappio Alta, 47016
+39 0543-92-13-70


Fabio Franchetto: President
+39 393-713-3