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Cedarvale Health & Lifestyle Retreat Ltd

Cedarvale Health & Lifestyle Retreat is carved out of temperate rain forest on the side of beautiful Kangaroo Valley, two hours south of Sydney, Australia. This 150-acre property provides an ideal setting for a health retreat.

The center caters to approximately 180 guests per year, offering either 5 or 12-night health recovery programs. Each program is designed to provide healing through God’s natural methods and to teach healthy lifestyle skills necessary in regaining and maintaining optimum health and wellness.

Cedarvale staff teach and model NEWSTART® health principles to the guests. Their aim is to point all to Christ as the true Source of life and healing. During health lectures, cooking classes, treatments, and everyday interactions with guests, opportunities frequently arise to present or discuss spiritual matters in a tactful way. Australia is a highly secular culture, and fewer than 20 percent of guests are Seventh-day Adventists. However, most of the non-Adventist guests leave with very positive attitudes. The staff sees most of their guests as “seeds” planted, which they pray will bear a future harvest.

Five acres of orchard and gardens provide a variety of lush, fresh fruit in season. A small health food industry has been established manufacturing “Country-Oat Burger” patties for fast food and café outlets. Cedarvale’s development has been divided into five stages. The fourth stage, now just beginning, includes the establishment of a health and evangelism training course that will provide hands-on education in health center work, community health work, how to give Bible studies, and other personal evangelism.

The fifth stage includes the completed development of two small industries in keeping with Cedarvale’s overall philosophy. These industries are:

  1. Manufacture of total vegetarian food products for the food service and retail markets.
  2. Hot house vegetables for sale in specialist outlets.

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Cedarvale Health & Lifestyle Retreat

2999 Moss Vale Rd.
Fitzroy Falls, N.S.W., 2577
+61 2-4465-1362
+61 2-4465-1362


Nigel Torrens: General Manager