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Center for Health & Prevention

Center for Health & Prevention is a health and educational institution located in southern Bulgaria. Surrounded by majestic mountains and forest, a flowing river, and a nearby lake, guests and students find plenty of respite and peace.

NEWSTART® principles are at the core of Center for Health & Prevention’s work. Their 10-day lifestyle sessions provide assistance to improve the physical and emotional health of their guests through medical counseling, health and spiritual lectures, and cooking classes. They give a variety of treatments specially adapted to meet the personal needs of each one of their guests. Every program is designed to facilitate healing and recovery through God’s natural methods and to teach the skills necessary for regaining and maintaining optimum health and wellness. They also have a LIGHT*-affiliate training program. Their one and six month courses equip their students to be lifestyle educators.

The Center for Health & Prevention is blessed to have hot mineral water originating from a nearby hot spring. Not only does it heat the lifestyle center and irrigate the produce growing in the greenhouses, but it is an excellent form of treatment for many chronic diseases. As guests find their health needs met, they are more open to the ministry’s efforts to introduce them to the Eternal Spring of Living Water.

The team at Center for Health & Prevention is dedicated to spreading the news of the soon coming Savior. Staff and students are working together to make plans for a center of influence in the neighboring city, organizing programs, health expos, health clubs, camps, Bible studies, and seminars to reach more people in their society.

* Lay Institute for Global Health Training


  • $6,000 Hydrotherapy Tub
  • $1,000 Sauna Stove
  • $18,000 Road Paving and Maintenance
  • $20,000 Swimming Pool



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Center for Health & Prevention

9, Mineralni Bani Str.
Banya, Sliven, 8914
+359 4567 9900


Biser Yordanov: Director