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Centro Misionero de Salud

Nestled in a beautiful valley on top of the Sierra Madre Mountains is Centro Misionero de Salud (CMS), which means Health Missionary Center. CMS has been in operation since 1995. Jaime and Marjorie Espinal, founders of the center, continue to pioneer this work by faith with a focus on three areas: evangelism, health, and education.

Located on 49 acres at an elevation of nearly 4,000 feet, this paradise-like setting belies the pain and poverty that is so evident just six miles away in the town of Galeana, where 15,000 people live in crowded conditions. About 45,000 people live in Galeana County.

The lifestyle program at CMS provides natural healing for their guests, who come primarily from Mexico and the United States. CMS’s ultimate goals are to share Jesus’ plan of salvation and hasten the Lord’s soon coming. Guests learn the importance of taking responsibility for their health. They learn how to live a healthy lifestyle, which naturally strengthens their bodies’ healing agents. The 10- and 18-day programs are dedicated to increasing the guests’ health levels, thereby improving their potential for recovery from chronic and degenerative diseases. Through preparation of specific diets, application of therapies, kindness of staff, and most of all God’s blessing, the majority of the sick find health. Physical exercise and listening to God’s Word and principles are also included. All of the above help guests revert to more simple times, away from the superficial and artificial, being able to find peace of mind and health for the body.

CMS also offers a 3-month medical missionary training program that provides precise and practical training for Mexican and international students. The curriculum includes agriculture, true education, music, anatomy and physiology, nutrition, vegetarian cuisine, natural therapies, hygiene, and nursing principles, whole-food production, health expos, Bible doctrines, evangelism, administration, and self-supporting principles. In addition to this program, the ministry also holds a 10-month course designed to prepare families wanting to serve God full time in ministry. This program teaches participants how to put on a 3-month medical missionary training course, as well as how to operate a self-supporting ministry. The team is excited to see more and more families starting their own self-supporting ministry.

Another part of CMS' outreach consists of a health zone in town that includes a vegetarian restaurant, health food store, bakery, natural treatments, and publications all under one roof, promoting a healthy lifestyle in the community.




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Centro Misionero de Salud

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Galeana, N.L., 67850
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+52 826-213-0911


Jaime Espinal: Director
+52 182-6106-8288
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