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Changing Lives Foundation

Changing Lives Foundation is dedicated to sharing the gospel of Christ through medical missionary work and community service.

The pioneer team began by offering cooking classes, health talks,  health expos, health training programs in Adventist churches, Adventist conferences, government institutions, and on the radio.

In 2015 new team members were added. God provided video recording equipment to share prophecy seminars via social media. Cooking classes were recorded as well as other evangelistic training programs.

Guatemala is a highly diverse country, with 41 percent of the population boasting full Amerindian ancestry. For this reason the team began reaching Mayan communities by offering dental services, building ecological stoves, and providing Bibles in their own dialect.

In 2017 Vida Sana Emmanuel was established, a lifestyle center and medical missionary school situated in the northwest of Totonicapan, in the western highlands of Guatemala. The lifestyle center provides simple home remedies for people in the community. The missionary school began with a 3-month training program, but has now extended the course to 10 months. The curriculum includes massage, public evangelism, canvassing, health evangelism, nutrition, disease and treatments, hydrotherapy, and more. The school also developed an intensive health evangelistic program to train church members in the Guatemalan Metropolitan Conference.

With God’s blessing the ministry is establishing a city mission, based on Isaiah 58, with the purpose of helping the needy, bringing them to Jesus, and involving and motivating church members to finish the work.

The efforts of the team at Changing Lives have spread beyond their borders to Belize, the United States, and Honduras. Though still in the early phases of ministry life, they are determined to go forward in faith, fixing their eyes upon Jesus each step of the way.


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Changing Lives Foundation

2da Calle 6-97
Zona 16, Lourdes
Guatemala City, Guatemala
+502 3042-3203
+502 2255-9836


Ramiro Francisco Ruiz Diaz: President
+502 5553-7335
Anabella Arriaga: Vice President
+502 5553-8715