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Child Impact International

For more than 40 years, Child Impact International (formerly Asian Aid USA) has given hope to the lives of the disadvantaged, poor, and needy in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh. It is a ministry that serves by providing education to the underprivileged and orphans, the blind and deaf; feeding the hungry; delivering women’s health programs; rescuing children from slavery; and enhancing lives through village improvement.

Sponsorship is the primary aspect of Child Impact International’s work. Child Impact International supports more than 2,000 children in Seventh-day Adventist schools who otherwise would face a future of poverty and illiteracy. This is made possible by sponsors who, through their monthly commitment, send their child to school every morning. Children’s lives are transformed from a life in the slum to a crisp uniform, loving Christian family, and a backpack full of textbooks. Many sponsors watch their children grow and mature over the years and come to know them through letters, annual academic progress reports, Christmas cards, and photographs. The seeds of Truth planted while attending the Adventist schools have resulted in baptisms, changed lives, and many more souls that will only be known in heaven.

In addition to sponsorship, Child Impact International supports four orphanages, a school for the blind, and a school for the deaf. Recently, Child Impact International built Sunrise Orphanage, a beautiful 12-acre campus. Here children from local tribal villages have a new dormitory, kitchen and dining facilities, and space to garden and play in the river. Child Impact International also helps promote women’s health and provides uterine prolapse surgeries through partnership with Scheer Memorial Adventist Hospital in Nepal. In Bangalore, India, Child Impact International’s Operation Child Rescue program helps rescue children being trafficked into slavery, begging, and child labor. These and Child Impact International’s many other projects—such as Hungry Money, digging wells, and village development—are seeking to improve, empower, and educate children and their communities to make a lasting difference for now and for eternity.


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Jim Rennie: Director