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Chinese Ministry Center-Jakarta

Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, with a population of approximately 26 million, now holds the rank of the third most populous city in the world (City Population, 2013). In this giant city, Chinese Ministry Center-Jakarta (CMC-Jakarta) was established in June 2003 and began the work of city evangelism using the health message in 2006.

CMC-Jakarta’s efforts began with simple health seminars and health talks aired on the radio. This resulted in attracting the general public within the city who were suffering from illnesses due to their modern unhealthy lifestyle. As the costs of healthcare and medicine skyrocketed, the message of living simply was a refreshing change for the listeners.

With the ever-increasing interests of the public towards healthy living, CMC-Jakarta opened four centers of influence that conduct health seminars as well as devotional talks. These centers are located at Cideng, Pluit, Kelapa Gading, and Serpong and attract 250 guests every week.

CMC-Jakarta gives its clients an opportunity to steal away from city life by inviting them to their centers and health camps in the countryside. Their guests express not only their need to be healed of their illnesses and gain counsel on how to live a healthy life, but they have also expressed interest in attending a wellness center where their needs could be better met. In response to that, the team at CMC-Jakarta is praying earnestly and working on building a sanitarium as well as a training center to meet this growing demand.


  • $280,000 Property for Wellness and Training Center
  • $400,000 Wellness and Training Center Construction
  • $200,000 Wellness and Training Center Equipment


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Chinese Ministry Center-Jakarta

Jalan Kompleks Kembangan Baru 1
Jakarta Barat, 11610
+62 812-106-1069
+62 21-582-6968


Edy Nurhan: Director/President
Arlaine Djim: Operations Manager
Irene Tarigan: Communications