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Congo Frontline Missions

Congo Frontline Missions (CFM) is dedicated to bringing the message of hope and salvation to the war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) through preaching, teaching, and medical missionary work.

In 2008, Keith Mosier started CFM in Kisangani, DRC, in response to an invitation from the Congolese church leaders. CFM was among the first mission organizations to return to the Congo River Basin since the war that claimed 5.5 million people between 1996 and 2005.

CFM’s primary goal is to equip lay people to become church planters and medical missionaries to serve the vast un-entered Congo River Basin. In 2009, CFM constructed an evangelism training campus near Kisangani that has trained more than 300 students and is currently constructing a second school 300 miles to the south in Kindu. By God’s grace, CFM’s 70 full-time church planters have been blessed with more than 5,000 baptisms.

Since November 2011, CFM’s FM radio station has become the most popular station in the region, serving a potential 3.5 million listeners. In addition 40,000 tons of truth-filled Bible studies in three languages have been printed in the local languages to be distributed by church planters and members.

The team at CFM has a burden to assist their neighbors with their physical needs as well. Waterborn and other diseases are a major problem in this region. CFM has fought this reality by drilling 36 village wells to provide clean drinking water and expects to expand this ministry. CFM also runs a mobile dental clinic and hopes to open a hospital on the river to facilitate a medical missionary launch.

As CFM moves forward, the staff is confident God will sustain them through the challenges and victories.


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Congo Frontline Missions

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Keith Mosier: President
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