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Country Life AG

In the spirit of early supporting ministry pioneers, a group in Switzerland decided to open a health food store to reach out in their country and to help support their health and educational ministry. So in 1987, after three years of working and studying the principles of supporting ministries, four men opened the doors to Country Life Health Food Store.

Today, Country Life AG is transitioning into online health food distribution, enabling them to reach across the country and even further. In addition to providing health food, the team promotes health and prevention programs. Often they hold health expos, and they were asked by the manager in one location to make it an annual event in his shopping center. Each expo provides valuable opportunities for working with the local church and reaching out in their community. Seeing the need to help younger community members as well, they designed a children’s health expo. With games and activities to make it interesting and memorable, the team takes on health issues that are becoming prominent even in children. Kids enjoy it, hardly realizing that they are learning through the process. It has become such a success that they are working with Health Education Resources to translate it into a number of languages and make it available around the world.

They are meeting the needs of children within Switzerland in other ways, as well. Four years ago they opened an Adventist elementary school, one of few in the country. In addition to providing a Christ-centered environment for the children, the school gives teachers opportunities to come into contact with the authorities, other denominations, public institutions, and the media. Their goal is to provide a practical and affordable approach to running a truly Adventist school that can inspire other churches and ministries to do likewise.

The team also organizes spiritual retreats, bringing ministries together to share visions and resources. In all of this, their goal is to stay tuned to Christ’s leading and continue to accomplish the mission He has given them.


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Country Life AG

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Markus Jaudas: President