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FARM STEW International

FARM STEW is a recipe for abundant life. It’s designed to equip the world’s most vulnerable families with skills they need to prevent hunger, disease, and poverty.

FARM STEW teams are comprised of African Adventist Christian trainers and are based in Uganda, Zimbabwe, and refugee camps for South Sudanese. Tens of thousands of Africans have participated in FARM STEW’s hands-on, Biblically-based agriculture, cooking, and holistic health classes, often held under mango trees or in mosques in rural villages. FARM STEW’s goal is for mothers and fathers to develop the capacity to transform their family's lives and their communities, offering a hopeful witness to the world, that points to the True Source of abundant life. Jesus offers this life in John 10:10, saying, “I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”

FARM STEW’s motivation comes from wise counsel: “When right methods of cultivation are adopted, there will be far less poverty than now exists. We intend to give the people practical lessons upon the improvement of the land, and thus induce them to cultivate their land, now lying idle. If we accomplish this, we shall have done good missionary work” (Ellen White, Letter 42, 1895).

Although rural, African families are currently the world's poorest and hungriest, FARM STEW teams believe these families can thrive with fresh, homegrown food, clean water, and strong community ties. FARM STEW teams of indigenous workers meet these families where they are, encouraging and equipping them to make choices that contribute to abundant life. FARM STEW also teaches trainers who multiply the message through community-based educators.

FARM STEW trainers promote conservation, agriculture, and a whole-food, plant-based diet rich in a rainbow of fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, and legumes, cleansing with water. This diet was given by God in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 1:29) and has been proven by modern science to be the most beneficial in both preventing and treating all types of disease.

FARM STEW’s eight ingredients are:

  • Farming: Faithfulness to principles revealed in God’s word and observed in nature.
  • Attitude: Choice to live God’s way, to be disciplined, and to have a positive outlook.
  • Rest: Nightly and weekly for our bodies and also not disturbing and covering the soil.
  • Meals: Plant-based, whole-food diet using mostly what the family can grow themselves.
  • Sanitation: In our bodies, with a focus on women, with our food, and around our homes.
  • Temperance: Moderation in good things, abstaining from things that are harmful.
  • Enterprise: Promoting opportunities, addressing gender bias, to pursue sustainability.
  • Water: Fresh, in abundance, detoxifying, for grains and legumes, as well as for our bodies.

FARM STEW has trained more than 30,000 people in hands-on cooking and agricultural classes. FARM STEW also equips subsistence farmers with:

  • Seeds to start vegetable gardens for home consumption and seed saving.
  • Washable packs of cloth pads made in Uganda for girls to stay in school.
  • Improved, non-GMO, soybeans to meet the protein need of malnourished children.

More inspiration: “God reaches hearts through the relief of physical suffering” Manuscript 58, 1901. “There are multitudes of poor families for whom no better missionary work could be done than to assist them in settling on the land and in learning how to make it yield them a livelihood” (Welfare Ministry, p. 197).

FARM STEW's vision is to mobilize a global workforce, in small, highly efficient training teams to serve as the right arm of the gospel.

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FARM STEW International

470 Adams St
Tiskilwa, Illinois, 61368
United States
+1 434-409-0866


Joy Kauffman: President and Founder
+1 434-409-0866
Edward Kaweesa: President, FARM STEW Uganda



Old Market Street
Stanbic Bank Building, Room No. 3
Iganga City, Iganga District
+256 753-386634


Joy Kauffman: President and Founder
+1 434-409-0866
Edward Kaweesa: President, FARM STEW Uganda