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Health Education Resources

In 1999 Charles Cleveland, founder of Health Education Resources, organized his first health expo in Bucharest, Romania. Seeing how complicated and expensive it was to get all the materials together, he was impressed to find a way to produce banners that anyone could afford. Now more than 1,000 sets of HER health expo banners are in use around the world in 40 different languages.

By using HER health expo materials, anyone can quickly and easily organize a professional health expo. Each package provides eye-catching, full-color, pre-assembled health expo banners in convenient roll-up stands, all the health expo supplies and screening equipment required for a professional health expo, and a manual to guide you through the organization process.

A health expo can be a one-day event, or it may run for several days. It can be organized in a variety of venues: fairs, public malls, schools, church buildings, parks, or marketplaces. The expo makes the biggest impact when combined with a follow-up series of health seminars, which HER also provides.

The Abundant Living Health Nuggets series offers short but convincing presentations designed to help individuals remain on the path to healthy living. HER also offers the same series as PowerPoint presentations, enabling groups to share the messages themselves.

Motivating children to live a healthier lifestyle is also important, especially with the growing number of health problems showing up at a young age. The new children’s expo package contains eight illustrated banners loaded with “kid appeal,” roll-up stands, and an activity CD with a printable manual explaining exactly how to organize each station.

In addition to providing banners and holding their own expos, the team at HER does training programs in district or camp meeting settings. This is just one more method they use to make sure that anyone, anywhere can reach out to their community by holding a health expo.


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