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LIGHT provides health evangelism training to church members worldwide through workshops, short courses, and online studies. The ministry’s goal is to expand health evangelism around the world by helping their graduates establish centers of health and healing. LIGHT, also called the Lay Institute for Global Health Training, works closely with churches and conferences worldwide, training lay members to use health to share God’s love with their families, friends, and communities.

Training teams travel to different locations, offering one-month intensive health evangelism courses. Along with daily spiritual classes, students learn principles for healthful living and community health outreach, and study common diseases and natural remedies. These short training schools lay the foundation for health evangelism—combining health education with gospel work.

Once a one-month course is completed, LIGHT often keeps a small team in the area to offer an in-depth six-month training program, which combines practical work experience with more detailed classroom instruction. This longer course gives students an understanding of God’s methods in caring for the sick and prepares them to share the truths of the gospel. Students delve into the study of preventive medicine, natural remedies, Bible, Spirit of Prophecy, and other aspects of God’s healing way.

Graduates of the six-month course are prepared to do health evangelism in their community, be LIGHT trainers, work in lifestyle centers around the world, and do Bible work or lay-pastoral ministry. Where the opportunity arises, LIGHT helps newly trained local teams establish permanent centers for training and community outreach, wellness centers, and industries to support these ministries.

Since LIGHT began in 2008, its growth and development has been phenomenal. It is exciting to see how God continues to use LIGHT as a tool to facilitate the ministry of many dedicated workers around the world.


  • $25 Bible Worker
  • $50 Bible Worker
  • $75 LIGHT Teacher
  • $75 Medical Missionary
  • $1,000 Training Program


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Lay Institute for Global Health Training

P.O. Box 58
Wildwood, GA, 30757
United States
+1 706-820-9804
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James Hartley: President
Rodney Bowes: Divisional Director for Africa and South Asia
Linda Horner: Divisional Director for Central and South America