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Growing Leaders: Everyone is Called

July 17, 2015

by Steven Grabiner

What place does a mechanic, builder, or plumber have in the mission field? What about an IT expert, accountant, or graphic designer? Unquestionably there is a spot for teachers, doctors, nurses, and pastors, but what about the rest of us? One of the great misconceptions about mission work is that the opportunities are limited to a privileged few. Here are some suggestions to help you fulfill your gospel commission:

1. Recognize Your Gifts

God never intended for you to be someone else. The talents that He has entrusted you with are needed. Too often young adults question the value that their practical skills might have in the mission field. Actually, this is an area of great need. Whether you are a gardener or a teacher, a writer or a dentist, God’s work needs your abilities.

2. Learn

Education and training are valuable preparation for ministry work. However this can take different forms. Not everyone has the desire to spend four years or more at a university. There are also short training programs and vocational options to learn new skills.

3. Begin Where You Are

Do not wait for the opportunity to work overseas or in an established ministry to begin serving. Get involved in outreach where you already are. Encourage other young adults to join you in seeking what ministry God has in mind for you.

4. Find a Mentor

Youthful enthusiasm, energy, and excitement are powerful forces for good. To optimize these assets, connect with an experienced leader who can give feedback, guidance, and input on your ideas. Someone already in ministry can point out pitfalls and common mistakes.

5. Listen to God

There is no question that God has a plan
for your life, and that plan involves serving others. God is intensely interested in leading you to your great commission. As you surrender to Him daily, He promises to guide you. That guidance will be recognized as you work faithfully where you are and watch for His clear providential leadings.