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New Ministries in the OCI Family

August 25, 2015

God is continually raising up new ministries and helping OCI fulfill its vision to see a thriving network of lay ministries reaching every country of the world. These are the ministries that we welcomed to OCI most recently:

Full Members

Escola de Profetas—Brazil

Students at Escola de Profetas go door-to-door to share the everlasting gospel as a part of their missionary training.

Fundacion La Alborada—Colombia

Fundacion La Alborada does organic agriculture. In addition to managing the farm, they produce and sell natural foods and products. They also offer health workshops, seminars, and vegetarian cooking classes and hold evangelistic meetings.

Fundacion Manalser—Colombia

In addition to offering cooking classes in the community, Fundacion Manalser runs a small lifestyle center and operates a natural food store.

International Children's Care Australia—Australia

Through various projects in Microfinance, ICC Australia develops programs to fight against human trafficking by providing better opportunities to those suffering in poverty.


Salem trains people for mission service as medical missionaries. In addition to teaching Bible and health evangelism classes, Salem has a special emphasis in music.

Associate Members

Aidar Lifestyle Center—Ukraine

Due to the political situation and this ministry’s location in a warzone, Aidar Lifestyle Center has not been able to function as a traditional lifestyle center for some time. Nonetheless, they continue to minister to people in their community in whatever ways they are able.

Changing Lives Foundation—Guatemala

Changing Lives stays active by doing health evangelism in churches, including health expos, cooking classes, and medical conferences. They also provide community services.

Desert Tree Ministry—Chad

The team at Desert Tree Ministry operates an audio program producing Bible stories and training materials for use with mp3s. They also runs a school to train laypeople through seminars and Biblical storytelling, since some students are illiterate. In addition, Desert Tree prints literature in small quantities for distribution.

Kingsway Preparatory School—Kenya

Kingsway Preparatory School provides pre-school through eighth grade education to approximately 250 children. Their presence has positively influenced the morale of their townspeople.

Kristina’s Kitchen—Kentucky, USA

Kristina’s Kitchen is a small vegetarian bakery and café where the community can also receive monthly cooking classes. The staff aim to bring better health to their Appalachian neighbors.

Light Kenya—Kenya

Light Kenya offers medical missionary training with government-recognized certification. They also distribute Christian literature and run a small-scale farm.

Los Aromos Wellness Center—Chile

Los Aromos Wellness Center offers health expos, cooking schools, and health classes in the community in cooperation with their local church. The staff also offers short medical evangelism courses on a monthly basis.

PATMOS Latin America—Costa Rica

PATMOS Latin America provides health expos, cooking classes, seminars, and health talks in their local community.

SALT Ministries—Cambodia

This family-based orphanage cares for 145 children. SALT Ministries also runs a bilingual K-12 school for more than 300 children. In addition to their school, SALT offers a six-month LIGHT course, and they manage a media center known as SALTCAM-TV.

Waldens International Academy—Republic of Korea

Believing in the fundamentals of true education, Waldens International Academy provides Christian education based on the Bible and the writings of Ellen White.