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Tidings from the East

December 13, 2016

OCI held its Eastern North America Retreat in Haymarket, Virginia, at the Living Hope SDA Church, November 18-20, 2016. Those in attendance were privileged to hear many thought-provoking presentations under the theme “Tidings from the East.” Even if you missed out on the meetings, you can still download the seminars for your enjoyment. Please click here to download all the presentations.

Reducing the Risk of America’s Leading Killers: Heart Disease and Cancer
by Mark Sandoval

How do “healthy” people on a vegan diet develop heart disease and cancer? What is it that we are missing? Let us discover together the deeper issues of disease and its causes.

Validation of Natural Remedies
by Lee Wellard

Discover how science is vindicating what inspiration has already revealed! We will be discussing the effectiveness of simple herbs and remedies, when used in the way God intended.

Living the Life of Faith

by Norbert Restrepo

A life of faith is a journey where our trust in God, our faith in His promises, and our confidence in His providential leading is constantly growing. Christ has promised to give us wisdom, strength, and power for obedience and service. We can experience this. “Taste and see that the Lord is good” (Psalm 34:8).

The Joy of Scripture Memorization
by Pastor Bob Banks

Everyone knows it’s important to memorize Scripture—but how? This seminar will teach you 7 easy principles that will enable you to effectively memorize Scripture to deepen your spiritual growth and communion with God. Pastor Bob specializes in memorizing whole books and chapters of the Bible!

Making a Difference Through Health Evangelism
by Teenie Finley

There is a new receptivity and interest in health worldwide. This seminar explores practical ways to reach your community through the health message using proven methods and field-tested materials that will impact your witness for Christ and build bridges from the physical to the spiritual dimensions of life. You can make a difference following Jesus’ methods!

Personal Fitness for Busy People
by Vaughan Sparrow

We all know we need to exercise, but it isn’t always easy to find the time. This workshop covers 8 ways to fit in a workout on a busy schedule, the benefits of exercise, and exercise basics. Does walking qualify? Is there such a thing as an exercise cure?

Sustainable Country Living

by Charles Cleveland

This workshop addresses the counsel of the Lord to “get out of the cities as soon as possible and purchase a little piece of land where you can have a garden” (Country Living, p. 17). How can you afford a piece of property and even build a place to live? Hear how some have done it, and how to set up your property for sustainable country living to live like kings and queens.

Power at a Price
by Frank Fournier

Additional seminars included:

  • Healing God’s Way Through Natural Remedies – Lee Wellard
  • Reach the World Next Door with Joy – Scott Griswold
  • Blueprint Evangelism for Total Member Involvement – Richard Ramont

Please click here to download all presentations.