Job Listing: Farm Manager

Ministry: DayStar Adventist Academy

Position Title: Farm Manager

Benefits: Housing, food, and monthly stipend provided.

Limitations: English preferred.

Requirements: Bachelor degree in Agricultural/Farm Business Management or alternatively proven track record of
practical experience 2 -3 years of successful farm management experience required.

Hours Weekly: Full Time

Serve at DayStar Adventist Academy in Utah as the farm manager. The farm manager is responsible for the organization of the farm’s resources in order to achieve the operation’s business goals. The farm manager applies good management skills and sound knowledge of economic principles, tying together all aspects of the farm business.

Duties include:
• Coordinating the key farm functions and managing the functional supervisors.
• Business and financial management, including data tracking, analysis, and reporting.
• Project management and improvement projects.
• Caring for the environment; must appreciate the need to satisfy and adhere to all applicable state and federal regulations to farm in an environmentally sustainable manner.

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Contact Information:

Randal Ward
+1 435-259-7719


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