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Biking for missions
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Dimg224aniel’s tired legs furiously churned the pedals of his small red bike. This wasn’t just a leisurely after- noon bike ride; my 4-year-old son had something more in mind.

When i showed Daniel pictures of the missionaries our family supports at congo Frontline Missions, he was eager to help. He wanted to send $1,000, but i knew we didn’t have the money. i prayed and God gave me an idea: Daniel could do a bike-a-thon during our daily walk and get sponsors to help him reach his goal. if we went around our half-mile loop four times a day until his fifth birthday in two months, he could do 200 loops. it would be a good opportunity for him to learn perseverance, self-sacrifice, accomplishment, and the joy of serving.

The next day i helped Daniel make a chart to track his progress, and he happily rode his first four loops. i sent an e-mail to family and a few friends telling them of Daniel’s desire to raise $1,000 for congo. Soon we had sponsorships totaling $1,200. Others learned of our project, and by the time Daniel finished his bike-a-thon, we had received $4,120 in donations.

“I’m glad I could do my birthday project because it raised money for the missionaries,” Daniel says. “You should do it too so more people can learn about Jesus.” The day before his birthday, Daniel completed his goal of riding 200 loops. God truly blessed!


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