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Brought Together
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The annual OCI Leadership Retreat provides inspiration, networking, encouragement, and much more.

Name: Peter Carstens
Ministry: Lifeline to Africa, Inc., USA
Retreats Attended: One

The OCI retreat in Romania was one of the most impressive meetings I have ever attended. everyone present was an active missionary with his or her special assignment in the lord’s army. I learned from others’ experiences, which impressed me to make some important changes in my own ministry.

Up until recently, I resisted participating in health expos and considered them a waste of time and resources. But I was inspired by the results and experiences shared by Viriato Ferreira from VitaSalus in portugal. I’m now in the process of organizing a bilingual health expo that includes a children’s component, with the goal of reaching non-Seventh-day adventists. I also made close contacts with people from Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Honduras, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Name: Linda Mills
Ministry: Amazon Lifesavers Ministry, Brazil
Retreats Attended: One

It’s wonderful to connect with the different OCI projects. You feel like you’re not alone anymore, that other people know exactly what you’re going through. You also gain insights from how they’ve solved their problems. I really appreciated the leaders’ meetings, talking about issues, and seeking solutions.

Name: Lars-Gustaf Larsson
Ministry: The Turning Point Foundation, Sweden
Retreats Attended: Two

The retreat was another challenge to walk closer to God, as well as an opportunity to meet many people and share in their struggles. The meetings were very inspirational. I think the theme “Together unbroken,” which refers to our responsibility to lift each other up, is an important aspect of christ-likeness that we should strive for.  Every speaker emphasized it, and that is something that has touched my heart.

Name: Otakar Jiranek
Ministry: Country Life Prague, Czech Republic
Retreats Attended: More than 10

At my first OCI retreat 21 years ago, I decided to become fully involved in supporting ministry work. I had had the idea that something like a country life should be created in my country, but I didn’t plan on leading a project. When i heard the experiences and testimonies of other leaders like Bill Dull, I was convinced. I decided to become involved full time. I always appreciate the institutional reports, but the highest attraction is to spend time with my friends.

Name: Don Miller
Ministry: Uchee Pines Institue, USA
Retreats Attended: Four

My favorite part was to see and interact with people that I've met on my travels, as well as people in the OCI family. A close second favorite was the evening reports; they energize me.

Name: Charles Cleveland
Ministry: Health Education Resources, USA
Retreats Attended: Almost All

I really appreciate the fellowship with other leaders. We don’t get to be together very often so it’s a time when we can pray together and share challenges that we face. The different workshops are very helpful and it’s always a thrill to hear what others are doing during the evening ministry reports.

Name: Monica Röhlig
Ministry: Country Life Reformhaus, Spain
Retreats Attended: Three

For me the retreat is the highest point of the year. I look forward to it because I can meet brothers and sisters; we’re like a family. The location is also very important, and in Romania, the forest, greenery, and nature are so peaceful. I was most impressed by the evening reports because I could participate in and be encouraged by others’ experiences.

Name: Davit Armstrong
Ministry: Eden Blossoms, USA/Nepal
Retreats Attended: One

Hearing powerful stories of faith, seeing people’s energy and passion, and observing their dedication to God’s work was a tremendous blessing. Just being around this family and atmosphere was worth much more than the cost of a plane ticket. It was a wonderful exchange of ideas and I was truly blessed by it.



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