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Dispelling Darkness
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For the LIGHT team (Lay Institute for Global Health Training), it seemed fitting for Mark Finley to dedicate the new headquarters in Georgia. Just as Mark has shared Christ with millions of people worldwide, LIGHT also seeks to hasten Christ’s Second Coming through health evangelism. The team members were thankful for this happy occasion, but they have much greater cause for celebration as they continue following God’s leading to win souls for His Everlasting Headquarters.

In 2005 experimental training schools were field-tested in two hard-to-reach countries. The success of these programs encouraged several ministry leaders to organize LIGHT to conduct these programs worldwide. Since that time the Lord has blessed tremendously! Using a three-step plan, the work of LIGHT has expanded to more than 30 countries, and countless lives are being impacted for Christ through its powerful training programs.

In the first step, participants are introduced to the fundamentals of the health message and the Three Angels’ Messages during a one-month intensive course. They learn how to impact their communities through health talks, health expos, and doorto-door visitation. LIGHT’s goal is to help every church become a community health center and each member a medical missionary. Over the past year LIGHT’s volunteer teachers have conducted more than 65 one-month courses, training more than 1,000 people.

After the initial intensive training, LIGHT offers a six-month in-depth course, inviting those who have successfully completed the short program to develop their skills and get involved in one of the many permanent projects around the world. During this time the participants enjoy a blend of practical and spiritual classes with useful labor and outreach activities. LIGHT commissions those who finish the in-depth training to establish permanent centers of health and healing. After a special service, these students join teams with capable leaders to conduct more short courses. LIGHT also utilizes volunteers from institutions that offer similar training courses. One of these affiliates is the Center of Health & Preventive Medicine in Moldova. Ever since it began in 2003, the school’s goal has been to offer an education that includes knowledge of the scripturesand practical training, preparing students as self-supporting missionaries. In 2008 Serghei Costash, director of the school, was inspired by LIGHT’s one-month training sessions. He invited another OCI member, Our Home Lifestyle Center & School from Ukraine, to help hold the first onemonth course in Moldova. Of the participants, five continued with the six-month course, while several others went directly into missionary fields. The team in Moldova continues to work with LIGHT, organizing more one- and sixmonth courses each year. With God’s guidance, the school is moving forward, trusting in His leading and confident in His ability to multiply their efforts as He sees fit. Please pray for LIGHT and Moldova as they work together to display Christ’s brightness through the work of their medical missionaries.


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