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Mission in Paradise
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img229Leading people to Jesus through music is a passion for the students and staff at Fountainview Academy.

Lush, tropical greenery and sparkling sandy beaches are images fitting for a seaside getaway; however, Fountainview academy students had a greater purpose for their visit to the island of Kauai, Hawaii, than soaking up the sun. and while the students weren’t getting their hands dirty in a construction project, the experience could still best be described as a mission trip.

Fountainview academy is located in the striking mountains of British columbia, canada. in addition to its accredited academic program, the school has a successful farm. The academy is also well known for its musically gifted students, which led to the idea of recording special musical performances on DVD. The staff was convicted that many viewers, drawn in by the stunning scenery and splendor of nature, could be reached through the appeal of sacred music and the testimonies of vibrant, christian young people.

In 2010 Fountainview released its first DVD project, Steps to christ in Song , which included a musical selection and a summary for each chapter of the book Steps to christ . The success of this project inspired a new DVD series called Help in Daily iving that would be based on the last four chapters of the book The Ministry of Healing .

Fountainview students spent a month filming the project in Hawaii this spring. Many miracles and witnessing opportunities occurred during the group’s time on the island; just the spectacle created by 80 people in matching outfits drew attention and made it easy for the group to share with locals. Strangers’ questions provided a chance to explain about the DVD project. Simg241tudents were also sometimes able to discuss spiritual topics. One night a staff member and some students were at a laundromat when an intoxicated man entered. One of the students, anna Fink, began reading to him from the Bible. For nearly two hours he and several other people stayed to listen.

With the production for the Help in Daily living DVD completed, the Fountainview team is already at work writing musical arrangements and planning their next project—a series of four smaller undertakings that will cover key Seventh-day adventist beliefs. The first DVD is designed to lead viewers to Jesus, and the second is aimed at showing how to be transformed into pure examples of Him. in the future, the team also envisions outreach packages made up of these DVDs and the inspired books they are based on.

Fountainview students and staff never dreamed of the positive and wide-reaching results that their musical productions would have on audiences around the world. God’s leading impressed the staff to pursue this endeavor, fueled by their desire for students to find a deeper relationship with Jesus through sharing what He has done for them.

Even though Fountainview students’ experience in Hawaii was not a conventional mission trip, they hope that what they put together will be a lasting testament for winning souls to Jesus, the ultimate and greatest mission christians have ever been given.



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