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Scripture Applied
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Jesus’ devotional life is the best example to follow for achieving a strong spiritual life. His followers were inspired by the divine power they associated with His words and works. although His life in the Spirit stemmed from several sources, including prayer, fasting, and the study of nature, some overlook the fact that it also included His intent to memorize scripture.

The Gospels record no fewer than 43 occasions when Jesus quoted or alluded to scripture from memory. His purpose for quoting the scriptures seems to fall into three categories: as an aid in His battle with sin, to clarify a doctrinal question for His hearers, and as a confirmation or clarification of His mission as the Messiah. During the trying ordeal at the closing hours of His life, the scriptures retained in His memory were a source of courage and strength.

Here are seven helpful principles for scripture memorization:

  1. Desire pray that God gives you a longing to memorize His Word; He is eager to answer that prayer (psalm 119:16; Job 23:12).
  2. Prayerful meditation makes the passages relevant to our lives which in turn facilitates their retention in our memories.
  3. Proper health principles, including simple diet, rest, exercise, and freedom from stress, keep our minds sharp and our memories strong.
  4. Claim spare moments throughout the day that can be used for memorization by placing texts on small cards that are easily accessible.
  5. Repeating passages, especially by rehearsing them audibly with an ip od or some other listening device, makes a greater impact than merely reading a text.
  6. Association of the unknown with the known, such as using acrostics or pictures representing passages, creates a mental bridge with new material.
  7. Make a covenant  with God to be faithful to a specific devotional plan with His help. This covenant can be changed as often as needed, but commit to memorizing scripture every day along with other devotional exercises that feed your soul.


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