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Seeking His Will
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At our small ministry in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, we struggled as we waited to learn God’s will and leading. For four years we had been trying to sell our dormant property in the country. Then a year and a half ago, the owner of the building where we rented asked us to move out because he wanted to demolish the building to construct apartments.

We searched for a place to go, but couldn’t find anything that suited us. Three times the owner asked us to leave, but graciously waited as we continued looking. We prayed for the Lord’s direction.

When our board met recently, it was decided to move away from the city. The country property still hasn’t sold, and it is our only place of refuge. We will move our family and production to the country, and our store will remain in the city.

The Lord is blessing and paving the way as we prepare to move out of the city. He has already provided us with a building where we will pay less to keep our store. The owner is a Pentecostal pastor with great respect for Seventh-day Adventists. He is currently studying the Bible with us.

God promises to clear the way as He did for the children of Israel, but we must first step out in faith. Stepping out in faith is a growing experience. We stumble at times, but God carries us through these trials and discouragements. We are living in a dangerous age. We need to learn God’s will and move in faith. May God richly bless each one of our ministries as we seek to hasten His coming!


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